The Team

The Founder, Mai Huong CHATAIN-LY

Mai Huong CHATAIN-LY has a Ph.D in Microbiology (University of Burgundy).

She worked for 15 years in different laboratories where she developed and reinforced her experiences in R&D in the field of biotechnology. She observed the increase in antibiotic resistance as well as the imposed limitations of the use of antibiotics in order to maintain their effectiveness..

During her experience as a Teacher and Researcher in Microbiology, she looked for alternatives to antibiotics and more specifically studied plant-derived antimicrobials, bacteriocins and bacteriophages (phages).

In February 2017, she decided to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure and created the start-up
Vetophage with the aim of developing applications using bacteriophages in animal health and

Research and development

The research is supervised by Professor Yves Waché and Doctor Mai Huong Ly-Chatain who have more than 10 years of experience working with phages.

The Team

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