Vetophage is the 1st French company specializing in the use of phages for animal health

Vetophage is able to provide phages and effective solutions to fight pathogenic bacteria including those resistant to antibiotics. In addition to its specific know-how, Vetophage possesses two large collections of phages: Staphylococcus aureus and Vibrio paraheamolyticus. Their effects are verified in many sectors such as bovine mastitis and aquaculture among others.

"Antibiotic resistance represents today, one of the most serious threats to global health, food security and development. "

— WHO, World Health Organization

Antibiotic resistance: a global problem

Bacteria know no borders and so each country has its global responsibility. Beyond its geographical aspect, antibiotic resistance affects all living beings: humans, animals and the environment. This is the ‘One Health’ concept: We are a single, interconnected health system and if any of these three pillars are destabilized, the whole tripod collapses. Across the world, antibiotic resistance is accelerated by the consumption of antibiotics by livestock and their active ingredients released into the environment.

Phage therapy: a solution against multi resistant bacteria


deaths per year in France due to antimicrobial resistance


deaths per year worldwide due to antimicrobial resistance


in 2050, it is estimated that antibioresistance will cause 10,000,000 deaths annually

There is a wide range of applications. Vetophage is developing a rapid detection kit and a phage cocktail to fight bovine mastitis, which affects 25% of the cows in Europe.

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