Vetophage can provide the phages

Currently, we have two wide collection of phages specific to Vibrio parahaemolyticcus and Staphylococcus aureus.

- Vibrio parahaemolyticcus : 257 phages isolated from 500 samples collected in Asia, in Europe and in Sound Amercia.

- Staphylococcus aureus : 400 phages phages isolated from environmental samples.

To field applications

The objective of VetoPhage is to generate technologies and products for veterinary and aquaculture applications. VetoPhage research and development work is carried out in France and south-east Asia.

From R & D

VetoPhage is dedicated to engineer phage technologies and will subcontract your R&D projects. The engineering platform is based on a decade of research work developed under the supervision of Prof. Yves Waché and Dr. Mai Huong Ly-Chatain. VetoPhage is based in Lyon, France.




Development of phage cocktails

Selection of lytic phages with high broad spectrum,

Phages formulation

Studying the efficacy of Phages in vitro

Determine the conditions of phage application conditions : dose, time of treatment…

In vivo tests implementation

Proof of concept validation on animals