Reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock and aquaculture by bacteriophages


Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is increasing dramatically both in animal health and in human health. So thanks to a “one health” concept, we need to provide new solutions to fight against this increasing fear. The objective of VetoPhage is to finalize the « proof of concept » and develop innovating tools for the diagnostic and treatment of pathogenic bacteria in livestock and in aquaculture. Bacteriophage solutions are safe, environmentally friendly, natural and effective, we continue to isolate phages and develop phage applications.

Phage applications


The use of bacteriophages represents several advantages for diagnostic tests that a single existing method cannot have: rapid, specific and detection of the viability of the strains. The concept of bacterial detection can be based on phage lysis or via phage proteins. Our goal is to develop quickly kits of detection “simple-to-use” that do not require the machines or send the samples to laboratory. A simple sampling can be analyzed directly.

In 2019 Vetophage obtained the grant of R&D Booster contest from the Auvergne and Rhone Alpes Region to develop the rapid detection system of bacteria.

Prevention and Treatment of bacterial infections:

We study the strategies of phage uses in veterinary field such as :

  • Phages can be used as premix to eliminate pathogens from digestive tract animal.
  • Phages can be used as a disinfectant product for environment of livestock.
  • Phages can be use to replace antibiotics
  • Phages can be use to fight bacterial biofilms.


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